Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Giving

Wednesday in Easter Week

Grace Episcopal Church in San Marcos had a wonderful way to give at Easter. As with most churches, Grace has the tradition of decorating their church with Easter lilies for this holiest of days. This year they did something different. Rather they have taken the funds usually raised for this purpose and given them to a program for homeless teenagers. Instead of the traditional lilies, the children of the congregation decorated cardboard lilies as replacements. As Grace's rector David Marshall told the North County Times, "This is about compassion and caring and empathy. We count them as neighbors," Way to go, David! What to go, Grace Episcopal Church!

When the Rev. Michael Carr and the people at All Saints Episcopal Church in Vista heard about this grace, they sent two of their Easter lilies from their altar to Grace's. Now that is what I call sharing the Easter witness. Well Done!

North County Times article about Grace:


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging....I've been a blogger for two or three years...and am at a conference this week with 20 of my favorite women clergy bloggers, of all denominations!

    Sounds like some wonderful things are going on your diocese! As you may know from my Facebook, I am now in the Diocese of Arizona....

    I blog under a pseudonym - Blessings, Terri

  2. This is a wondeful way to share the story of Easter and make the Chuch relevant in the community.

    I sense that to much of what we do, "in Church," is serving ourselves or those who are part of the congregation rather than those who Christ calls us to serve in the world.

    This could me a marvelous project across the Diocese next year. Maybe something similar can be done for Christmas.

    Rev. Bill Zettinger