Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being Creative

Tuesday in Easter Week

One of the great things about our diocese is our clergy, who are creative and energetic in the ways that they offer gospel witness and engage their community. In Holy Week and Easter, there were some great examples, but two stand out.

At Trinity in Escondido, the Rev. Meg Decker and her congregation hold "Drama Week," which is essentially Spring Break Vacation Bible School. The program meets a child care need in the community and provides Christian Education for young people not involved in church. By the way, Trinity has a wonderful children's choir that is emerging. If you want to know more about what is happening at Trinity, you can contact Meg at rector@trinityescondido.org. The parish website is http://www.trinityescondido.org/.

The clergy at two of our neighboring congregations, Christ the King, Alpine, and St. Alban's, El Cajon, joined together to offer a new twist on the Great Vigil of Easter. The Rev. Cathey Dowdle at Christ the King and the Rev. Rebecca Dinovo at St. Alban's joined forces and held a joint service for the Vigil. But here is the twist: rather than the Vigil readings, the stories of salvation were dramatized. For example, Isaiah was dressed as a modern day chef delivering the words as though inviting those gathered to a banquet." To learn more, contact Cathey at Cathey.Dowdle@MIROtechnologies.com or Rebecca at motherrebecca@stalbanschurch.info.

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