Friday, July 10, 2009

General Convention Day Three

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church is a combination of Congress and Carnival with a smidge of family reunion thrown in. I can hardly leave my room without running into someone that Iknow who I have not seen for some time. I have seen friends from former dioceses, parishes and seminary. Strangely, they look older than I remember!

As the Convention moves forward, it seems clear that we will be focusing on the budget and how we deal with a challenging economy while moving forward mission priorities. There are tough choices ahead. Indeed, there are also tough choices around the question of the place of gay and lesbian persons in our church. For me the fundamental question is regarding blessing of relationships. The question of ordination is secondary to that. I support and commend for consideration a resolution from our deputies, D043. You can view the resolution on the General Convention website:

While some worry about the decline of the Episcopal Church, I think should take comfort in the fact that we still attract protesters. However, I think these folks may be professionals--sort of like paid mourners. Note in the photograph that Chris Bernard, youth minister of St. James-by-the-Sea is engaged in a little Episcopal Evangelism. You go guy!

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