Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hands across the Border

With so much need in the world it can be hard to know where to start. So the Women of St. James and the Women of St. Bartholomew’s decided to start right next door by making the world a little warmer and a little brighter for the 40 foster children of Dorcas House in Tijuana. Using funds raised from the Golden Elephant Sale at St. James and the Thrift Shop at St. Bart’s, these two groups helped with dormitory renovations at Dorcas House by funding all new, washable bedding. This was no small gift, as the dormitories are not heated, and the children had previously used woolen blankets, which are traditional to Mexico, but difficult and expensive to launder.

And the gift grew. The staff at Dorcas House was so frugal with the donated funds that they had enough left over to buy paint and stencils to coordinate with the new bedding. The children used part of spring break to help repaint the dorms. For many of them, this was the first opportunity to make a contribution to a place of their own.

I’m proud of the many churches and individuals that support these children. When our Cathedral took over operations of Dorcas House in 2006, they had many questions they couldn’t answer at the time. But one answer they knew for sure, that the only foster home in Tijuana that would accept the children of prisoners should not be allowed to close. Almost immediately, the rest of you agreed. Nearly a third of our churches now support the least of these, our young neighbors, and on their behalf, I say, “Muchas gracias.”

You can learn more about Dorcas House by visiting their website: http://www.dorcashousefriends.org/

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